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Author Topic: Usability Questions Concerning Brain Salon/BrainEv  (Read 874 times)


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Usability Questions Concerning Brain Salon/BrainEv
« on: July 23, 2014, 06:45:31 am »
This is directed to anyone particularly knowledgeable in the specific science behind brainwave entrainment. The science labs information guide on Brain Salon's website states that the razorsharp audio is intended to be used while engaged in activity, as it will ramp up production rate and efficiency. I remember reading in a previous BrainEv forum that engaging in an activity while listening to the software is not recommended due to brainwave interference in the audio's intended entrainment. In other words, the activity (reading, writing, etc.) would cause the brainwave effects that would normally be generated from the BrainEv software to be altered or shifted to the brainwave (Hz) associated with the separate activity your brain is engaged in, and ultimately result in little to no results or benefit gained from the software's desired intent. I was curious why this was different for razorsharp, and was wondering if anyone maintained a general guideline for entrainment usability.


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Re: Usability Questions Concerning Brain Salon/BrainEv
« Reply #1 on: July 23, 2014, 03:02:25 pm »
The problem is that normally entrainment products are trying to bring you into Alpha, Theta, Delta "mediation" frequencies.  Normal "productive", "thinking" frequencies are in the Beta range, with Gamma supposedly a "higher functioning" Beta.  So if the entrainment is trying to bring you into Theta, for instance, but you are doing stuff, your brain willnaturally want to be in Beta.  This confilicts with the entrainment.

Razor sharp works in the Beta/Gamma frequencies, thus, it is compatible with the brainwave states your brain wants to be in when doing stuff.  I believe part of the theory is that it helps prevent your brain from drifting off into daydreaming (Theta frequencies ).

Incidentally, this explains one of the main ways to enter meditative states - intensely focusing on something "mindless" like your breath, or a candle flame, anything that doesn't require "thinking".  If you're not "thinking" you're not in Beta...thus you are meditating....

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