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About 7 level sound system requirements
« on: June 16, 2015, 06:19:09 am »
I`ve heard that sounds in level 7 are broadcasted on low frequencies (about 5hz) and require good sub-woofer enclosure.

Here`s sth to read:
I noticed that several of the sound clips from this genre generate tones from 15hz down to 2Hz.
That is below the threshold of human hearing. It is also below the specs of most speakers.
Many mid-priced speakers can play sounds down to around 50hz.
Higher end speakers can play sounds down to 20hz.

For you to properly play those lower tones without creating distortion or seriously damaging your speakers and stereo system you will need to build yourself a large sub-woofer cabinet with a speaker that is at least 21" in diameter.

These speakers don't come cheap. The Pyle Pro is around $200 (U.S.) and is rated at 4hz. And the cabinet to house a speaker to generate these lower frequencies needs to be made of plywood at least 3/4" thick. It needs to be sturdy and not allow harmonic rumble.

If you try playing these sounds on a regular stereo system with cheaper speakers you will seriously damage your system.
What happens is that the speakers struggle to play that lower frequency but can't. That causes it to overheat to the point where the speaker coil and/or crossover circuit will burn out.
Just remember, you can't hear those tones but will be able to feel them if the speaker can handle it. Turning up the volume can cause distortion and have dire consequences.

My questiuon:
But what about headphones?

Headphones won't cut it.
The reason is that frequencies below 20hz can't be heard. They are felt.
If you have ever been near a bass amp you will know what I mean.
You can feel the pounding of the bass in your chest. But even those frequencies are between 20-40hz.

The only way for you to get the effect you are looking for from those audio files is to build a super sub-woofer enclosure. On the other side of the coin, any of the audio files that use higher frequencies can be played. Just make sure to keep the volume down because high frequency sounds at high volume will damage your hearing.

My question:
But can those sound tracks playing destroy headphones?

But you are missing the point.
You can not hear the sound. It is below the threshold of human hearing.

The idea behind those low frequencies is for your body to 'feel' those sounds.
I assume the 5hz sound is supposed to stimulate the nerves in your body as they sense the vibration on the skin and in the body.

So without the proper audio equipment these sound clips are pretty useless.

Please, reply, guys. :)
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