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Author Topic: New 'Advanced BrainEv Users' Board - START HERE!  (Read 4538 times)


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New 'Advanced BrainEv Users' Board - START HERE!
« on: March 30, 2012, 10:56:02 am »
Welcome to our brand NEW board, designed for advanced users to discuss their experiences!

As many users complete the graduation process, they've requested somewhere to discuss what happens after the six month program. Some people resit the program, others move on to Level 7, others take a little time out -- and return after a short break.

This forum is where you can discuss the question:

"What awesome BrainEv stuff am I doing after the six months is up?"

Tell us how the journey has been for you. Share how things have been different as you've experienced BrainEv a second time. Let us know about the surprising gains you've made. Compare notes on how Level 7 has worked for you. Whatever your findings, share them here.

The board is NOT a place for general Q&A. It's somewhere that advanced level, graduate users can get together to discuss ways of using BrainEv going forward.


Share your experiences, and let's inspire a whole even more BrainEv graduates!


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