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Brainev level 6

I have just completed one of the most enjoyable training programs that I have ever done. 

Six nights a week I would get up some where between 1 and 4 am, wrap myself up sit in seisa and listen to my brainev sounds for 30 minutes.  There were times that it seemed like five minutes, there were times when I fell into the gaps between my thoughts and the mussels in my face seemed to drop and there were times when my thoughts raged supreme.  Some nights I really didn't want to get out of bed, but my body demanded it and would not let me go back to sleep until my meditation was done, so I complied.

What is the difference? Who knows, no body else seems to have noticed anything. I feel that I can get into the "zone" easier, which seems to help in several aspects of my life:

I feel that I am a much better Aikidoka, (one who trains in Aikido).  My techniques are more precise, I can find counters and correct others with more confidence.  My ability to analyze  a technique seems to have improved.  I am calmer in the Dojo and in training which seems to allow my subconscious mind to step in when needed allowing for better form.  I don't seem to get puffed out much when things get physical.  It amuses me to watch men 30 years younger than me breathing hard and sweating then having to sit down while I have only gotten to deep breathing.

Writing has always been a problem for me, with disorganized thoughts.  It all seems much easier now, or I worry about it less.  I find myself looking back and saying to myself, "did I really write that?" and being pleased rather than being frustrated.  For me, that is a very big deal.

It might be odd, but my spelling which was always terrible and the cause of much frustration seems to have improved. 

I work with dogs for a living and they always react to an unsettled mind.  I am finding them a little easier to handle.  They are always a good mirror as to how I am feeling as they feel energy and live in the present.

I wish that I had done this course in primary school.  Now how do I get my adult kids to spend 30 minutes a day listening to these sounds.  I will be very good if I can ever crack that one.

Life is good, I always thought that it was it is just a little better with a quieter mind that is not so easily misled by little distractions.

I loved the course.  Is there a level seven?

Grant Mcguinness

Individual Level Questions / Moving meditation & two levels at once
« on: January 24, 2013, 02:56:52 am »
I enjoy doing slow moving meditation exercises along with the tapes.  What if I listen to tapes 1 & 2 while i am doing this?  I have not finished level 2 yet.

Your BrainEv Journey - MAIN BOARD / Moving meditation while listening.
« on: January 11, 2013, 05:07:35 am »
I have just started my second level and I am finding that the practice of slow moving meditation to be fascinating.  I have been practicing Aikido for many years and when I was diagnosed with throat cancer (non smoker)  I was devastated.  For my sanity I took to practicing the basic moves while sitting in seisar (legs tucked under my bum).  This was a huge help especially after getting depressing news from the doctors.  About three hours of meditation after each specialist visit allowed me to smile again.  I went through the full slash, burn and poison of western medicine, leaving me unable to talk, eat or drink for some months.  Every night I did my (Tie Chi) Aikido quietly sitting seisar.   I am in recovery now and can do most things again.  These days I still practice like before but I also really enjoy listening to the brainEv sounds.  For me slowly moving and concentrating on the techniques helps and the time flashes bye.

Does any one else feel the same?

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