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Thank you, Tiffany.  That makes a lot more sense now.

Would pretty much any of the softwares that let you create your own entrainment with AudioStrobe automatically sync to the music of your choice?  Some of the information I was getting earlier made it sound like when you added AudioStrobe to a music / audio track, it was sort of a generic visual mixture mixed with the audio.  The mixture allowed it to be combined into one track.  However, it didn't sound like the AudioStrobe coincided to the music track.

Do most of them naturally sync the visual with the audio automatically?  Thanks!

Thanks for your helpful reply, Tiffany.  I appreciate it.


I recently purchased Sleep Salon.  I don't suffer from insomnia or have any real sleep issues, but I thought it might help me feel more rested & wake-up better.

The All-Night Sleep Loop definitely does something, for my night on that was one of the most disturbing of my adult life.  I think I'll leave well enough alone!

I have started listening to the 15 & 20 minute wake-up sessions as I'm getting dressed.  I find it really helps me get moving.  I feel these alone were worth the purchase price.

Anyways, I would enjoy a couple (or more) more of these type of sessions.  Would Brain Salon's High Energy Espresso be comparable?  How about any part of Nitro Focus?

Thank you for your help!


I read somewhere (I think on this forum, but I can't seem to find the post) that adding some sort of visual entrainment to the levels of Brain Ev would be beneficial.  It sounded like it was being debated for the then future Level 7 to incorporate it.

I think there are programs that create a synced light show with any audio file.  Each level has a basic brain state graph, so it seems like there would also be ways of sort of creating a similar visual file.

I wouldn't want to negate the benefits of listening to the Brain Ev sessions, though.  Like the visual equivalent of merging the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack with Brain Ev!

But I am finding it difficult to find just how the visuals in mind machines stimulate the brain.  The best I have been able to ascertain is the frequencies would be the same.  I have also read that auditory mostly stimulates the temporal lobe while visual mostly stimulates the occipital lobe.  If done correctly, then seems like it would make a Brain Ev session that much more awesome.  If done poorly, according to this line of reasoning, it wouldn't be that much harm, for if the 2 modes stimulate different lobes anyhow, it's not like beta / gamma of the lights would cancel out the temporal stimulation of the Brain Ev audio (which seems to mostly be Alpha & Theta), for the lights would mostly be "entraining" the occipital lobe.

This is the best of my understanding, but I am not educated in this.  Thanks for any help & insight you can give me.


Welcome Board - START HERE! / Re: Somewhat New Member; Some Issues
« on: June 09, 2013, 04:14:31 pm »
Thank you for your helpful response, Dreamer.  I appreciate it.

When I stated "intended effect," I meant I thought the purpose of Level 1 was to sort of ease you into brain entrainment (I guess your brain learning how to do this) with a relaxing calm, blissful, traditional meditation session.  Level 1 is very much a chill pill.  Or should be.

I thought the statement in the Level 1 intro about some people finding it energizing just meant the first day or 2.  I was expecting to be ready to crawl into bed & take a nap after listening (although I wouldn't do it, I just would want to), & while I don't feel enthusiastically energized after listening, I'm definitely "brighter-eyed & bushier-tailed" after listening than before listening.

Interesting that you repeated the course, & especially that you got different results.  Makes me feel like I didn't waste the earlier time!

This Level 1 is drastically different than last time for me, so I can somewhat relate.

Thank you for your welcoming!


Welcome Board - START HERE! / Somewhat New Member; Some Issues
« on: June 08, 2013, 04:55:13 pm »
Hi everyone!  I purchased Brain Evolution about 1.5 years ago, got about a week into Level 2, my discman broke, & I never got back into it.

I honestly didn't really feel or notice any benefits, but I have read so many good things about the program I started up again about 2 weeks ago.  While I enjoy listening to the track (which I honestly did the first time around), I am not sure if it is having the intended effect on me.

I know it stimulates some people.  The first couple of days, it felt more like a "Brain Espresso" session than a relaxation session, & while it no longer feels this way, I would certainly say I don't feel particularly relaxed at the end of a session.  I do each session at the beginning of the day, & I feel much more awake at the end.

This didn't happen the first run-through - that was more no effect. 

My initial interest in Brain Evolution System was for possible IQ increase, better & quicker verbal fluency, & improved rote memorization skills.  I suppose I still am interested in these topics, but I have become passively intrigued with NLP & the 3% of the population that is programmed to need less sleep.  I read a hypothesis that these people may need less sleep because they sleep "better," people claim to need less sleep with Brain EV, so it is an interesting topic to me.

I look forward to seeing where the next 6 months take me.


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