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Advanced BrainEv Users - NEW / Infinite - Round 2
« on: February 21, 2015, 02:07:50 am »
It has been about a year and a half since I completed my first round.  I've done some sporadic listening of some levels and Zen12 since then, but have not really done the recommended maintenance protocol.

I started sometime in January with my second round of BrainEv.  I intend to record in this thread my general experiences for each level, but not in as much detail as the first time around unless there is something that warrants posting more detail.

Your BrainEv Journey - MAIN BOARD / Infinite: Level 7
« on: October 03, 2013, 07:40:05 pm »
Week 1

Day 1:

Thought for sure I would blank out, especially after descending to the 2Hz delta ranges, but managed to stay "concious" the whole time.

Right hand fell asleep.  Probably from physical positioning.

A few times experienced brief periods where it seemed like it was getting brighter in the room.  I suspect this was during the gamma peaks.

Listened to both tracks for a total of 65 minutes, yet it didn't feel any longer than the 30 minutes of levels 1 - 6.

Days 2 - 6:

Between business travel and having my mp3 battery run out, I think I really only managed 3 more days of listening.  Probably okay since instructions say to listen 3 - 6 days per week, so I got a total of 4 days for the week.  Nothing occurred worthy of any particular mention during these 4 days.

Your BrainEv Journey - MAIN BOARD / Infinite: Graduated!
« on: September 21, 2013, 05:16:27 pm »
Just finished the 6 day review last night.  After about 7 1/2 months (because I spent extra time on most levels) I've finally graduated!

A couple of interesting notes from the reviews:
1.  It was easy and comfortable to slip back into each level.
2.  The beginning of level 1 has what is for me the most distinct "shift" of all six levels as the brain entrains to Alpha.  It's like I'm just sitting there listening, ho-hum, then WHAM! Whoa!
3.  It could be for other reasons, but getting back to level 6 last night, I had some crazy dreams and nightmares.

To sum up my overall experiences with 1-6:
1.  The most distinct thing is my ability to 'recover' from distressed mental states much quicker.
2.  Towards the end (maybe level 5 or 6) I did notice an increased ability not to go into those distressed states in the first place.
3.  I've become more productive.  This is primarily due to a lowered tolerance for pursuing low value activities.  For instance, I receive several health related e-mail subscriptions.  How many times can I read basically the same information on the health benefits of omega-3 fats?  I used to just read them all.  Now, if I don't see anything new, I skip it.  I also no longer start my work day checking e-mails, websites, etc....  It seems whatever I start my workday with become the focus for that day.  So I no longer "ease into" my work day, I jump in with both feet.  This momentum pulls me forward throughout the day with WORK being the central focus of my day (as it should be), rather than keeping up with e-mail and the web.  This could also be partially due to overall lowered distressed states as I now have more mental energy for work.
4.  I feel more comfortable "being myself" around other people.  This wold probably be my number 1 best outcome, but it's really just in it's infancy and I've got much more work to do in this area.

Just purchased Level 7 and am downloading as I write this.  Onwards and upwards!

Best Regards,

Your BrainEv Journey - MAIN BOARD / Infinite: Level 6
« on: August 12, 2013, 04:15:58 pm »
Week 1

Have to say, so far, I am really enjoying this level.

Sometimes it takes a week or so before I start getting the "flavor" of a level, but on the first day of listening, there was clearly something "different" about level 6.  Designd to tie up and tie together all the previous levels, it seems to do so.  It's as if levels 1 through 5 were building different parts of a machine, and level 6 is making the machine run.  Another analogy would be levels 1 through 5 teaching you how to play different instruments, and level 6 teaching you how to put them together in an orchestra.

I feel the relaxation and good feelings from level 1.  I feel the "digging up" of thoughts, memories, ideas from other levels.  Yet somehow the percolation of these thoughts "feels" different.  I think because I am feeling less attached to them, and finding it easier to "let them go".  I sense a different quality to my dream states, although not so much the recall at this point to say what that difference is.

On the downside, I am feeling an increased need for sleep right now.  However, that may also be due to an increased demand for physical rest due to a change in my exercise routines.

I was asked in a private message to start a thread based on my listening schedule.  So here it is:

I know there were discussions in the past based on if it should be 30 days, 4 weeks, or 1 month.  The prescribed program has been clarified to be to listen to each level for 1 month. 

That being said, I see this more as a "rule of thumb" than a firm law set in stone.   Everyone is unique with their own needs and challenges.  Plus I like things to be neat and clean.  The normal schedule during the week is 6 days on, 1 day off, for a total of 7 days.  I like to start my new level after that one day off.  But "1 month" isn't really divisible by 7 days, except February, which only yields 4 weeks.  And during February, I was on level 2, which I was having a hard time with (essentially suffering from episodes of depression).  Given that the point is to overcome our mental crap and grow, it seemed counter productive to me to just stop right in the middle of my challenges with level 2.  Everyone always seems to be in a rush to get to the next level and whatever comes with that.  But I know the program was also designed for each level to progressively build off the last.  So how much can you get from the "next level" if you move on from the current level when you're in the middle of having a challenging time with it?  To me, those challenges mean some work is either being done, or needs to be done.  Being that my goal is NOT to get through 6 levels of BrainEv, but rather, to get through my "crap" and improve myself, I've chosen to continue past 1 month if I feel I still have work to do on a particular level.  Plus, since 1 month is typically 4 1/2 periods of 7 days, I figure what's a few extra days to make it to 5 weeks so I have a "clean handoff" to the next level?

However, on some levels, I've felt like even at 5 weeks, I still had "work to do" with that level, and I've frequently pushed it out to 6 weeks.  At some points I also felt "anxious" to get to the "next level".  But that was mostly ego.  But, really, to what end?  I'm going to get through all the levels anyway.  The object is not to stroke my ego and jump up and down and feel important because I finished (or moved on to level 7) <as a side note, this lack of a need to meet these "ego objectives" has been a positive development of my BrainEv experience>.  The object is to get the work done and get the most out of it.  And stretching it out has taught me patience with my self improvement, particularly because I have seen results from it.  For instance, at 1 month, I was still having challenges with level 2.  But by continuing on, I moved past them, and in my opinion, built a better base for the following levels. 

It's like the way I see mathematics.  What's the point of moving on to learn multiplication if you don't have a solid grasp of addition?  Of course, other people have different theories.  I see it with math every day in the schools.  But I guess I am digressing into a whole 'nother sinkhole.  The difference here is there is no objective standard.  You need to listen to your own intuition.  But you also need to be careful not to listen to your ego which has probably been programmed to believe that there is some importance and some stature conveyed to you for being on a higher valued "level".  You know, "General" vs. "Private".  "Senior" vs. "Junior" partner.  "Pro" vs. "Amateur".  "Level 10 Dungeons and Dragons character" vs. "Level 5".  But every level is an experience unto itself.  Savor it and get the most out of it.  Build your foundation.  Then move on to the next level and savor that.

As inspiration I also drew from Pure Bliss who was one of the most prolific posters on this forum for some time and who went through this program more than one time.  During the second time through she noted that maybe she didn't get anything out of one or more of the levels the first time through because of that concept of rushing through, doing each level for just 4 weeks, then mechanically moving to the next one.

It's not a race.  It's not about "getting through".  It's about building a better you.  For some people, 4 weeks, or 1 month on a level may be enough.  Some people don't really experience much on some of, or even all of, the levels.  Maybe they're just less screwed up than I am.  5 or 6 weeks has just been what works for me.  Find what works for you.

Best Regards,

Your BrainEv Journey - MAIN BOARD / Infinite: Level 5
« on: June 29, 2013, 02:27:07 am »
Week 1

Definately a change in experience from level 4.  I don' t have a lot to write about it yet, but one area I've been focused on is my relationships.  In the few dreams I recall from this week, I notice that people in my dreams respond to me in a more accepting/positive manner than in the past.  I've also noticed people responding to me in a more positive manner in real life!  Is this just a change in my perception? Or am I undergoing inner changes that are changing the way the outside world interacts with me?  Too soon to tell.

I should note that I have also been going through the "Crack Your Egg" (CYE) program with a particular focus on this area.  Can't say if the effects are from BrainEv, CYE, or both.  Can't honestly say that I care what the source is, just happy with the trend and hope it continues.  But figured I should mention it for full disclosure if anyone is following my progress.  From the beginning I have stated that I think BrainEv is best used to get improved results from other methods if there are specific things you want to work on.

Your BrainEv Journey - MAIN BOARD / Infinite: Level 4
« on: May 26, 2013, 01:23:52 am »
Woohoo! Halfway through!

Week 1

Day 1:  Michael Kelly warned in the intro video that the ramp up at the end might make it difficult to sleep when using before bed.  Didn't seem to be an issue for me.  Did note an increased intensity/recall to my dreams.  This seems to be a consistent result of changing entrainment levels, both in BrainEv and when I was doing Holosync.  The effect seems to fade as time goes on with the same level.

Day 2:  Am feeling "different", but not sure I'm ready to put my finger on what that means.

Days 3 - 7:  Chaos reigns supreme.  Exhibit A:  I'm actually wrapping up week 2 as I'm just getting to posting these week 1 notes.  All the same old whirlwinds around me, plus, I'm just starting the process of trying to sell a second home which we are currently renting out (because we tried to sell it a few years ago when we needed to move, but couldn't).   Tennants have really put some wear and tear into it.  And I don't really have any money to repair it.  Which means taking on more debt to hopefully unload the big pile of debt attached to the house.  Fine if it sells... new adventures in stress if it doesn't.  Good thing I've got BrainEv in hand!

Your BrainEv Journey - MAIN BOARD / Infinite: Level 3
« on: April 13, 2013, 07:57:58 pm »
Week 1

Day 1:  Glad I decided to switch to listening in the morning.  After watching the intro videos, I was afraid of following the Beta frequencies and not being able to fall asleep

later.  I did stay "awake" the whole way through, and felt good and alert most of the rest of the day.  Maybe my volume is too loud, or maybe it's part carry over from the

depression of level 2, but instead of a nice relaxing day at the beach, it sounds like I'm being knocked about IN a stormy ocean.

Day 2:  Already feeling more rested during each day.  I don't know if that's because I am following the Beta frequencies and so feel more awake in the morning, I'm sleeping

better at night due to not BrainEv'ing just before bed, or just a difference in level 3 vs. level 2.

Day 3:  MP3 player ran out of juice about 15 minutes in.  Aaargh.

Day 4:  Feelings of being more rested not quite so strong now, but due to actual lack of sleep hours (working), not BrainEv.

Day 5:  Didn't get to listen in the AM.  Listened at night.  That was fine, but definitely like listening to this level more in the AM.

Day 6:  I'm liking Level 3 much better than Level 2.  Had quite a bit of depression/anxiety with level 2.  Starting to feel more upbeat again like I did towards end of level 1.

Day 7:  Off day.  Some random thoughts of the past week that arise that I haven't already noted: 

A.  I'm finding myself more relaxed and 'open'.  Finding myself less self conscious and more outgoing in social situations.

B.  During level 1 I learned not to blame others for how I was feeling and to take responsibility for myself.  It was difficult to make 'conscious' progress during level 2 as I

had a rough time with that one.  Now on level 3, I am starting to get a sense of actually handling myself better by not being so reactive towards others' bad behaviour.  In

other words, pre-BrainEv (and other work), someone would do something, I would get angry, and I would blame them for my anger.  During level 1, someone would do something, I

would still get angry, but I would recognize that I was the source/cause of the anger, not the other person.  Now on level 3, I am getting a sense of someone does something, I

don't get angry.  I also recognize that since I've lost that automatic "anger" response, I'm not always quite sure the appropriate response to replace it with.

C.  In the support video, Michael talks about using the different entrainment frequencies to allow the brain to find it's own natural frequency rather than force it to a

particular one.  But I wonder if the effectiveness of BrainEv really lies in the ability of the brain to work at the multiple frequencies (ie. maintain some beta to process the

deeper stuff coming up from theta).

The Coffee Shop / Great Quote
« on: April 10, 2013, 02:25:57 am »
Heard someone repeat this on the radio tonight and it struck me as applicable to exactly how I view BrainEv:

"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass; it's about learning to dance in the rain."
-Vivian Greene

The Coffee Shop / Brain (De-)Evolution System?
« on: April 08, 2013, 04:54:24 pm »
Just dug up this gem:

Got a chuckle out of the BrainEv stein.  Ironically funny.

Your BrainEv Journey - MAIN BOARD / Infinite: Level 2
« on: March 10, 2013, 02:05:51 am »
Day 1:
Started the bells of level 2 last night.  Won't give details so others can experience them fresh for themselves.  Won't say they were good or bad, but not what I was expecting.  I remember thinking in the beginning, how many sessions will it take to get used to this and not be so distracted?  Apparently not sessions, but just another 10 minutes.  Then 5 or 10 minutes later I must have fallen asleep.

I knew it was messy, but wasn't until the last couple of days when I realized what a mess my finances are.  Normally this would send me into a panic, especially as a few necessary big ticket purchases are looming.  However, I've been able to remain relatively calm and am developing a plan of action, including cutting some expenses I previously would have felt I couldn't do without.

Am almost caught up with the forum.  Haven't yet read "The Chimp Paradox" as recommended by Pure Bliss, but after reading so many posts about it, I found myself stroking my wife's ego today to "make nice with her chimp."  Have I mentioned my marriage is a mess, too?

Hmmm... one of Pure Bliss' mantras towards the end of her postings was "As within, so without."  My physical space around me is a mess, my finances are a mess, and my marriage is a mess....  but as I am cleaning up the inside, I am finding the urges and paths to clean up the outside (hopefully before dramatic consequences).

Days 2-4:
I've been feeling overwhelmed and down.  I think it's a combination of level 2, life, and not seeing the sun for a couple of weeks.  I'm finding solutions to problems, but the best way I can think of to describe how I feel is I feel like a rubber band that's been stretched to it's limits-always under a lot of tension and ready to either snap or break (neigher of which is good).  Hopefully I can ease off the tension and go back to flexibility!

I didn't expect to have so many issues yet at level 2.  I find it interesting.  Although many find it more deeply relaxing than level 1, I do see on the forum that it is not uncommon to have feelings of depression at level 2.  It seems the different levels have different effects on different people, probably depending on what their issues are.  Curious to see if level 2 is my big challenge level, or if other levels push other buttons.  After all, it seems like I have lots of issues these days.

During level 1 I always felt worse the day after my "night off".  I am curious to see how I feel on my off days for level 2.

Have noticed an increase in dream intensity and recall.  However, at this point there also seems to be an increased negativity in my dreams...not necessarily "nightmares" butjust not good.  Although the nightmarish aspects have also increased, actually.  For instance, I had one where I was foaming a the mouth so badly my mouth filled up and it was hard to breathe and it turned out the "foam" was made up of blood.

I've also noticed a stirring up of old memories while listening...I presume from accessing theta.

Days 5-6

Stayed awake through the whole thing.  Not feeling quite as overwhelmed on day 6.  Tonight is my "off" night.

Your BrainEv Journey - MAIN BOARD / Release
« on: February 11, 2013, 10:10:34 pm »
Two weeks into level 1.

Had a fight with my wife during the day yesterday.

Listened to BrainEv prior to going to bed.  Felt like I mostly slept through it.  After I finished and was trying to sleep, I found myself still arguing with my wife in my head.  After about ten minutes of this, I heard a rushing sound in my ears and a sensation in my body like a weight was being thrown off and up out of every cell of my body.  The mental arguing was gone and I was promptly able to fall asleep.

Welcome Board - START HERE! / Therapy Unleashed!
« on: February 08, 2013, 02:34:59 am »
Purchased the system after listening to the demo for about a week.
Have been on level 1 for about 1 week.
Have been in therapy for five weeks.

During my session yesterday my therapist was amazed at how much progress I have made in the past week.  I have been able to experience multiple insights which I may have known at times intellectually, but never been able to actualize for myself.  For instance, the concept that other people cannot make me feel bad.  I make me feel bad based on the thoughts I continue to choose to have in response to what others do (or don't do, or I imagine them doing or not doing.)  In learning to take responsibility for my own feelings, I have also learned to stop taking on the burden of feeling responsible for how others feel.  My therapist remarked during the session that she could tell as soon as she saw me in the waiting room that something was different and just couldn't stop smiling in amazement during the session at how much progress I had made in one week.

I definitely attribute much of this to using BrainEv.  I also attribute much of it to "doing the work" in my therapy.  I believe what BrainEv has done is help increase my awareness
such that I can see the principles of my therapy in action, allowing me to progress at an accelerated pace.

I've tried Holosync before and reached a point where I didn't feel like I was making any progress and didn't find it worth my extra time and money to continue.  Looking back now, I think this was largely because I was not doing the work and just expecting Holosync to do it all for me.  I decided to try BrainEv due to the lower investment of time and money and shorter listening time.  I also find I have more positive anticipation in trying something new, rather than re-trying something old that didn't work well enough for me (even if it was really my own fault).

As for the therapy, I said I've been in it for 5 weeks, but that is not entirely correct.  I have been in and out a few times, also with limited results.  I have finally, through others, found a style that works for me called Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (REBT).  There is a good "self-help" book about it called "A Guide To Rational Living" by Dr.s Albert Ellis and Robert A Harper.  I put self-help in quotes because even the authors strongly recommend a good therapist over any self-help book, but it is a good adjunct to therapy.  I have also been fortunate enough to find a therapist within reasonable distance from me who studied directly under Dr. Ellis (not an easy task outside the N.Y. City area).

I would say in summary:
1.  It appears BrainEv helps me to grasp concepts from therapy faster than if I did not use BrainEv.
2.  It appears therapy gives me the concepts faster than I would deduce them for myself by just using BrainEv.
3.  So far it apperas that using them both together has an amazing synergistic effect where the total is greater than the sum of its parts.

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