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How It Changed My Life - NEW / Re: Once around.
« on: October 14, 2014, 04:05:33 am »
Hi m-nelse

I haven't experienced any pain thankfully but I feel the same as you in that I don't know that the program has changed my life nor given me brain mastery. I have been offered Level 7 but not sure whether to go ahead and purchase as am just not sure of a positive outcome.

I don't want to be negative and I encourage anyone who is interested to give the 6 Levels a go because some people obviously gain a lot from it.

My anxiety levels over the past few months have been over the top.

I am away from home at present but when I return in a couple of months I may re do the program over 6 months to see if it makes a difference.

I look forward to hearing what happens to you.

Kind regards
Hi Marg,
My anxiety levels have also sky rocketed
High beta brain waves are associated with fear, anxiety, excessive thinking, rapid thinking, OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder), addiction, and states of peak performance.(hows that for contradictory blah)
Sometimes, high beta brain waves are created in your brain to compensate for excessive theta brain wave activity.
I found this information at  it might help explain the incresed anxiety as we are placing our brains perhapes into some sort of compemsatory mode for the induced  theta brain wave activity generated by BrainEv; that  for us maybe excessive. Who knows? I can see from the response to your post none here.

Meditation is reputed to enable anxiety to be muted, perhaps in the more traditional mode  this is possible.
BrainEv and the likes of though are to my mind can be considered accelerants of the meditative state. Perhaps we have brains not so adaptable to such accelerants and are better of with less powerful induces or more sporadic use of the product or just the use of traditional modes, one product does not fit all. BWE perhaps is like training to be an Olympian when we are perhaps less than athletic and suited to less training or differing modes so as to adjust the higher intensity training?  All this intuitive.

Going through the program again alternating days with more traditional modes (which for me does become a lot easier to reach a meditative repose upon use of BWE) or spacing out the days between seems to be lessing the the anxiety for me.

Hope you find some of this helpful.

Your BrainEv Journey - MAIN BOARD / Re: BWE and driving
« on: May 24, 2014, 04:18:28 pm »
Driving whilst listening to headphones with potentially  brain altering outcomes......not are you only endangering the life of others but the arrogance is breathtaking or is that ignorance.

Hopefully Inedible has cured you of least one of these.

Russ also talks about this similar technique in his book the happiness trap  another rather shorter description as to Sedona//release can be found here. I found it be of greater use for its directness and simplicity if not for any other reason!

Yes something is happening from further research this is quite common and backing off a little and/or 'dealing/accepting" of change is seeming the key!


Will post any significant outcomes or results as to both EV or the impact of  releasing!

Thanks for the pointers!
Will be back into it tonight

Hi all
I am experiencing  emotional upheaval and overwhelm so much so for a number of days I have been in a state of  withdrawal  or anxiety as if  my day to day levels of anxiety have been amplified even to the point of  sudden  expressions of grief, sadness? or the need to cry very emotional!

I have  taken a two day break and today I am a lot less 'amped' or depressed or emotionally challenged ...whatever lol! and feeling a like myself [perhaps a little  more 'motivated']

Any insight on how to continue and what I am experiencing would be appreciated.

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