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Brain Salon Experiences & Questions / Unhappy Customer
« on: March 14, 2013, 08:28:25 pm »

I have over the last two weeks purchased both BrainEv and Brain Salon. Though I m still open to the possibility that there is something good behind the principle of BrainEv, and the people behind the products have good intentions, I am currently a rather Unhappy Customer. Generally a happy person, I am very disappointed by the customer service so far.

I have sent various emails to the various email addresses provided with various questions, including a complaint about all Brain Salon files and one of the BrainEv files. I personally don't like to ask these questions via a forum, would really prefer to have my questions answered and my emails responded to bilaterally. But nothing, other than what seem like unorganized group emails (why am I receiving general emails and not recognized as an already paying customer).

I assume the people from BrainSalon can see my email address linked to this forum name - I prefer to not share my email address here. May I ask them to check their email box for the various emails I sent and get back to me as a matter of priority?

Here's hoping for a quick response and finally answers to my questions and support to receive the correct files.

Best regards

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