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Author Topic: Glad I got Sleep Salon  (Read 1327 times)


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Glad I got Sleep Salon
« on: November 30, 2013, 11:23:12 am »
I first bought BrainEv, then few days later Sleep and Brain Salon.  Had a really bad night and thought why not.  Got them right there and then.  Had the "Dicken's of a time" to get it to work as I'm not tech savvy at all.  Talk about a sleepless night, lol.  Finally, it worked with a bit of an hiccup and I got a few hours of decent recuperative sleep. 

I love the way I drift into sleep - not something I am used to because of childhood experiences.  Now it feels like "The Arms of Morpheus".  Might sound cheesy but it feels lovely!  Hopefully, it will continue...

The sleep I'm getting is deep but only for about 4 hours and then it's very light - between daydreaming and sleeping.  Normally I only get maximum 6 hours of interrupted sleep.  Occasionally, when I have been really exhausted I sleep through but not feel rested upon waking.  Now the quality of sleep has changed but I still not sleep longer.  It feels as if there is more sleep inside me but it's not happening.  Any suggestions...?



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