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Title: New to Sleep Salon
Post by: Loulight on July 11, 2014, 02:06:43 pm
Hi Everyone

I registered here today and have had the Sleep Salon programme for three days.  I have listened to the Sleep Training MP3 each day and the first time I listened, I felt strange sensations inside my head, as if my brain was moving around!  I have also listened to the stress reduction one and the Sleep Induction with Night Sounds.  I haven't seen any great change as yet and I am not sure that I am using it correctly.  I get off to sleep OK but always wake up about 3.00 am and by the time I get back to sleep, I am in such a deep sleep by the time I need to wake up in the morning that it is really hard to wake up.  This morning I used the awakening MP3 which seemed to wake me up and then afterwards I felt really sleepy for a few hours after getting up and found it hard to concentrate on what I was doing.

I have read the user guide a few times and have chosen the MP3's recommended for my sleep problems from the guide.  It is hard to listen without headphones as I disturb other people, especially at night when the recording disturbs my partner.

Can I listen to one MP3 straight after the other.  For example Sleep Induction and then Stress Reduction? or should I space it out more?

Any suggestions or feedback would be much appreciated.  I feel that if I use this programme consistently and properly that it will be of benefit but I am not sure I am getting off on the right foot!

Thanks for your help in advance.

Title: Re: New to Sleep Salon
Post by: Tiffany on July 13, 2014, 08:00:03 pm
Hi Loulight,

It does take a little bit of time to train your brain into the right sleep pattern.  The tracks are there to help guide your brain in the right direction so that you won't have to work to maintain sleep or keep to your sleep schedule.

You can listen to the tracks back-to-back if needed.

Stick with it, you'll get there!

Title: Re: New to Sleep Salon
Post by: morena on September 16, 2014, 05:55:56 pm
AARRGHH I so want to try the sleep loop especially after reading this but as i only can listen on CD, i have to download it onto CD and my track wont download! Altho it is labelled as 80 minutes it comes up as 119 minutes and wont go onto the CD! Tiffany seems unable to help me -can anyone send me a link???
It my well be something Ive done but i cant change it and need a new link.
Bah. )-:
Title: Re: New to Sleep Salon
Post by: Infinite on September 16, 2014, 07:07:04 pm
Check again.  I think you are misreading.  I just downloaded it from my link to check it.  It's not 119 minutes, it reads 1:19, meaning 1 hour and 19 minutes (or 79 minutes).

Best Regards,
Title: Re: New to Sleep Salon
Post by: morena on September 17, 2014, 05:07:17 pm
Yes, 1:19 mins...but i am told it is too big for my 80 minute CD.