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Author Topic: annoying emails that keep coming...  (Read 541 times)


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annoying emails that keep coming...
« on: September 16, 2014, 02:28:25 am »
I have to say I am getting a bit annoyed with all the emails from Karl trying to get me to spend more money on all sorts of other programs...Makes me wonder if he and the other pushers of this kind of stuff aren't in on some kind of big group scam...I am trying to believe it ain't so but all the soliciting emails sort of point that way...All the talk of getting fabulously rich is also sad--like there is something wrong with simple living and having enough...My simple life is pretty blissful and very low stress, seriously, it is...Can the planet really sustain several billion Millionaires, all of them consuming mass quantities of meaningless goods?  In the meantime I will continue to enjoy level 4 and look forward to level 5. 


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Re: annoying emails that keep coming...
« Reply #1 on: September 16, 2014, 02:28:25 pm »
It is not a scam.  It is called Affiliate Marketing.  When you signed up for BrainEv, you end up in an e-mail database of Karl.  He then markets (or advertises) other products to everyone on that list.  Generally for things that may be of interest to the majority of people in that list.  He then earns affiliate fees (commissions) if you purchase those products (or sometimes even if you just look at them).  This is also what happens whenever you see one of those websites where you just need to give them your e-mail for a free report/recording/video/etc....

It is a legitemate business model and can be quite helpful if used well and is generally the "secret to getting rich on the internet."  But when not used well, it can also be downright annoying and quite spammy.  I'll let you decide for yourself which side Karl's e-mails fall on.  Generally, there shoudl be an unsubscribe or "manage your subscriptions" link on the bottom of the e-mails where you can get out of them if you wish.

There is nothing wrong with simple living.  There is nothing wrong with being rich.  The two are not even incompatible.  There are many problems with being poor.


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