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Re: well it works
« Reply #15 on: April 24, 2012, 10:17:54 pm »
Hi all hope things are well with every one, well the tests i have been doing using an mp3 player and in ear head phones taped around on myself by the heart area, the reason i wanted to try this is to see if Dr emoto's theory works, now i have been using solfeggio tone played constantly through the day while i have been working, to see if the tones can be moved to the brain by the body flow of blood and water.

Results are that i am a lot more calmer all day, even when under pressure my whole day is spent with a smile, now the interesting thing is i put a subliminal message in the tones about hair growth and pain and surprise surprise my wife commented that my hair is growing on a bald spot i have.

My question is does anyone know if we can hear with out using our ears, i mean a small vibrational effect on the body can be detected by the senses and the mind knowing what your doing will in affect make the brain aware.

like i said maybe some will think a placebo affect, but trolling the internet and finding more out about the brain as matter and the mind as quantum has got me trying things and in all honesty, before this i thought mind and brain as one, but they are completely different, anyway i am about to test out brain evo via the same methods mixed with the shumann reasonance and see wether i can detect anything in this.

Thanks for your comments if anyone haas negative feelings on this could you post them so i can see if i can make positive changes to them,


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