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Author Topic: Tip, clues lead to burglary spree arrest  (Read 683 times)


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Tip, clues lead to burglary spree arrest
« on: January 22, 2015, 03:34:59 am »
Tip, clues lead to burglary spree arrest

At Draxler's, Schulz noticed a distinctive shoe print in the snow, according to the complaint. He identified it as a new balance 580 athletic shoe. The same shoe print was left inside at the burglaries of a Cherco Convenience Store in Arpin and a Pomp's Tire in Marshfield in October and December 2013.

Looking at surveillance video that was available at some of the burglary sites, Schulz saw what appeared to be the same man wearing a black face mask, wire rim glasses, a dark new balance 574 jacket and a black backpack, according to the complaint. The man also was carrying a crowbar.

Schulz learned Bryan's wife sold a 100-ounce silver brick, similar to the one taken from the town of Marshfield home, at a Wausau pawn shop, according to the criminal complaint. Schulz showed Bryan's wife still shots from the burglary surveillance video, and she said the new balance 574 femme backpack looked like one Bryan had at their home.

Records Schulz obtained from the Ho-Chunk Casinos showed Bryan and his wife gambled $232,271.01 between Nov. 1, 2012, and Jan. 17, 2014, and won $220,654.91, making their loss $11,616.10, according to the complaint. Bryan worked for $16.25 an hour, and his wife didn't work. He also was paying $600 a month for rent.

In January 2014, Schulz visited Bryan's home on two occasions and saw foot prints outside that were made by new balance 574 homme shoes ??? the same type of prints found at some of the burglary scenes, according to the complaint.


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